Candidates for Nitrogen Community Vice-Leader

Please review our candidates for Vice-Leader of the Nitrogen Community. You can see their CV through the links provided. The voting will be open to all Nitrogen Community members beginning October 6th and ending 12:00pm Central Daylight Time (UTC -5) October 8th, 2020
To complete your vote, please use the hyperlink included in the individual ballot emails sent to you via the ISPA website. (only Nitrogen Community members will receive this email) If you have not received your ballot email, please contact ballots@ispag.org to request a new ballot.  Please be sure to include your full name and email address.
Thank you.

Vice-Leader Nominees

Olga S. Walsh, Ph.D.

Olga S. Walsh, Ph.D.Dr. Olga Walsh is an Associate Professor, an Agronomist, and an Extension Specialist with the University of Idaho. Dr. Walsh is directing the Cropping Systems program at Parma Research and Extension Center since 2014. The program is focused on developing scientifically based, field-tested grower recommendations for improved sustainability and profitability of farming operations. Enhancing fertilizer nitrogen use efficiency and irrigation water conservation are the two major focal points of her work. The current projects are in wheat, barley, beans, corn, sugar beets, onions, potatoes, and hops. Dr. Walsh’s training and background is in Soil Fertility, Plant Nutrient Management, and Precision Agriculture. Originally from Russia, she obtained her BS degree in Soil Science at St. Petersburg State University, Russia. She received her MS and PhD degrees in Soil Science at the Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, focusing on Precision Nutrient Management. Prior to her University of Idaho appointment, she has served as an Assistant Professor of Soil Nutrient Management with Montana State University for 4 years. Dr. Walsh is a published author on a variety of precision agriculture topics and has presented at numerous national and international precision agriculture events.

Dr. Brenda Ortiz

Dr. Brenda Ortiz
Dr. Brenda Ortiz has a PhD in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from The University of Georgia with an emphasis in Precision Agriculture and Crop Growth Simulation Modeling. She is a Full Professor at Auburn University with an appointment of Extension (75%) and Research (25%). Over the 12 years, she has led several extension and research projects focused on climate change and climate variability impacts on agriculture, precision agriculture with emphasis on irrigation and fertilization, identification of factors associated with aflatoxin contamination of corn, identification of management strategies to increase wheat and corn production in the Southeast USA.
Dr. Brenda Ortiz has conducted research and on-farm demonstration on the use of remote sensing, active sensors, for on-the-go variable rate fertilization. She has joined several working groups such us the “NUE workshop” to the discussion and exchange of research and extension efforts to increase adoption of nitrogen management strategies increasing nutrient use efficiency. In 2015, I hosted the “NUE workshop” at Auburn University with a participation of about 130 people. I believe the exchange of research findings d complementary strategies to increase NUE among the science community and industry in necessary to the identification of new methods and practices.
She has been very active with professional societies and international work. In 2015, she was the leader of the Precision Agricultural Systems Community of the American Society of Agronomy. Because of her expertise in Precision Agriculture, she has been invited by several Universities in Europe and South America (Brazil in particular) to mentor their graduate students and to work on collaborative projects. Currenly she is an Adjunct faculty at the Sao Paulo State University – Jabotical Campus in Brazil.