ISPA Account

Role of ISPA Scientific Division Chairs

The role of Scientific Division Chairs is that of leading the International Society of Precision Agriculture (ISPA) in their particular division (discipline) of choice. Division chairs are expected to be recognized authorities in their fields and are expected to champion issues related to their division and society in general.

Specific responsibilities of ISPA Scientific Division Chairs include but are not limited to:
  • Provide periodic updates to the society (to be posted online on society’s web-page and newsletters) about the activities related to their division from around the world.
  • Must participate in the Society’s conferences
  • Organize at least one “Thematic Session” at the society sponsored events such as International Conference on Precision Agriculture (ICPA); European Conference on Precision Agriculture (ECPA); Asian Conference on Precision Agriculture (ACPA), etc.
  • Submit names/nomination for the keynote speakers for the Society conferences.
  • Chair Technical Sessions relevant to the Division area during Society conferences
  • Review papers for the Society’s conferences and recruit a group of members, willing to review abstracts and papers pertaining to their respective division.
  • Responsible for forming an adhoc committee to select the best research papers published in the division’s area at the society’s conferences.
  • Presentation of best research paper award during the society’s conferences.
Act as a guest editor for a special issue of the Precision Agriculture Journal relevant to Society conferences.