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Postdoctoral Fellowship - Plant Sensing Lab

Dear ISPA community,
This is a link to an opportunity for a USA citizen to have a financed postdoc position in my lab, in the Hebrew university of Jerusalem (HUJI), Israel.
This is distributed with hope to find a good match with a postdoc (2 years) and/or a PhD student (1 semester) for my lab - Plant Sensing Laboratory (PSL).
We use remote and proximal sensing to learn about vegetation, mainly in the fields of precision agriculture and phenotyping (breeding). We work with hyper and multi spectral data acquired on ground as well as from air and space in relation to obtaining plant traits and phenology.
The PSL is part of the Institute of Plant Sciences and Genetics in Agriculture, in the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment, HUJI, Israel. The campus is with ~2,000 bachelors and graduate students as well as postdocs and ~100 research labs. This is the place to study agriculture (among other things) in Israel. It is located in the city of Rehovot (somewhere in between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem). For more information about our lab or any question, you are most welcome to email me ittai.herrmann@mail.huji.ac.il.
Publications https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ittai_Herrmann or google scholar (our HUJI lab website is not updated).
Thank you, Ittai