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Community Leader:
Kwame Agyei Frimpong
Community Vice Leader:
Vincent Aduramigba-Modupe

Precision Agriculture in Africa

Community Name: African Association for Precision Agriculture (AAPA)
Justification: The enthusiasm and willingness of various stakeholders to work together to develop and scale precision agriculture (PA) strategies to reduce yield gaps and tackle food security challenges is growing rapidly in African countries.  The AAPA will support this growing interest by organizing and contributing to the promotion of PA in Africa and by engaging the global PA community through scientific, informative, extension, and training activities.  
Interests/Scope: This community will: 1) Provide opportunities for members to engage in research, extension, education, and training activities for the purpose of promoting the advancement and dessemination of PA tailored to the needs and aspirations of the African people and the furtherance of international collaborations.  2) Promote leadership skills development, advocacy, and engagement with policy makers towards creating the enabling environment needed to advance the knowledge of the science and practice of PA in Africa. 
Proposed Activities:
  1. Hold an Annual Community Meeting (either at the ICPA, a virtual meeting, or otherwise as arranged by Community Leadership)
  2. Conduct an election of the Community Leadership at the Community Meeting in alternate years.
  3. Maintain a webpage with current information on the ISPA and AAPA websites. 
  4. Organize a minimum of one oral session, technical tour, workshop, or event at each ICPA, African Conference for Precision Agriculture (AfCPA), or other appropriate venue every two years. 
  5. Publish quarterly AAPA newsletter
  6. Organize and host two webinars per year 

AAPA is Now Accepting Nominations for Board Members


Do you know of someone who embodies the mission of AAPA - "Contribute to the development of Precision Agriculture in Africa and to engage in global the global Precision Agriculture community through scientific, informative, extension, and training activities."
To nominate yourself or a colleague, please complete the nomination form.
Nominees should be a registered member of AAPA. Membership is free and you can find our registration form here.
The nomination deadline is 15 November 2022.
The AAPA Board Nomination Form
AAPA Board Nomination Form

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