The International Society of Precision Agriculture (ISPA) is a non-profit professional scientific organization. The mission of ISPA is to advance the science of precision agriculture globally.

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The voting is open for the ISPA Board of Directors. Every ISPA member with Active status may cast a ballot for each of the three positions: President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer. Voting will remain open until 30 July 2016. Results will be announced at the 13th ICPA.
If you have not yet voted, please do so this week.
To cast your ballot, go to Election Ballot page - you must be logged in to the website in order to access this page and cast your ballot. 
If you have any issues accessing the ballot or have questions about the status of your membership, please email info@ispag.org. Or call (+1) 217-762-7955. 

Agricontrol 2016

AGRICONTROL 2016: The 5th IFAC Conference on Sensing, Control and Automation for Agriculture

Agricontrol 2016 Aug 14, 2016 to Aug 17, 2016

Sensing, control, automation and mechanization have been an important means for increasing agricultural productivity, improving worker health and safety, optimizing resource utilization, and reducing labor requirements. AGRICONTROL 2016: The 5th IFAC Conference on Sensing, Control and Automation for Agriculture’ aims to bring together scientists, engineers, students and others working in these areas from around the world to share their latest results. The conference will provide an opportunity for learning the state-of-the-art and for discussion on past achievements, and future directions in precision and automated agriculture. The conference is also expected to provide a venue for leveraging the advances in other lateral technologies for enhancing the productivity in agriculture. More details can be found in the webpage at http://ifac.cahnrs.wsu.edu/

Food By the Numbers

Some 80 percent of U.S. fruits and vegetables are grown on large farms and trucked hundreds of miles to their final destination. To track a crop's travels, two National Geographic reporters followed a truck filled with strawberries from a central California field to a store near the magazine's headquarters in Washington, D.C....More at National Geographic.

Precision Agriculture now available to members

The Springer journal, Precision Agriculture, is now available to ISPA members through this website. When you login to the website you will see a Members tab at the far right of the navigation tabs. Click on the Members tab to see the menu and select Precision Agriculture journal to be redirected to the Springer site. Once at the site, click on the blue "Browse Volumes & Issues" button to access journal articles. Journal Impact Factor for 2013 is 2.01.


The purposes of ISPA are to:
  • Organize and conduct international conferences related to precision agriculture (PA), such as International Conference on Precision Agriculture, European Conference on Precision Agriculture, and other related conferences.
  • Develop and maintain a web-portal to communicate the latest developments in PA with the world, and maintain a member listserv to communicate among society members.
  • Publish a quarterly ISPA e-newsletter for members and other subscribers.
  • Provide members an opportunity for publication of original scientific research in the society sponsored peer-reviewed journal, Precision Agriculture.


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Research Scientist/Engineer

CSIRO Agriculture seek an experienced Farming Systems Agronomist to join the Canberra-based group.  The position will involve on-farm agronomic experimentation in southern Australia to investigate the impacts of a range of innovative crop management strategies to improve productivity and input-use efficiency.  A specific role for the new appointment will be to develop and apply digital agriculture principles within the portfolio of relevant CSIRO activities at both experimental and farm-scales.  In particular, there is an opportunity in the Canberra-based group to integrate new technologies into research and extension activities as a means to modernise cropping systems research and delivery and to reflect developments in commercial agriculture. Opportunity also exists to develop research links between agronomy, germplasm and plant breeding, along with new technologies in plant phenomics.  Emerging technologies in soil and crop sensing, and farming systems simulation will be linked to industry needs, along with developments in precision agriculture, zone management and digital platforms that are now being widely promoted for industry application. The appointment will complement existing CSIRO skills in soil-plant-animal systems research and drive new collaborative opportunities both within CSIRO and with external collaborators and investors.  The position offers a unique opportunity to develop ...more

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Remote Sensing/Precision Agriculture Position

IRTA is interested in hiring a postdoctoral researcher in Remote Sensing or Precision Agriculture skills to work in RS applications for irrigation management. Subscribe to IRTA Employment Board in www.irta.cat before October 10th 2015. see attached pdf for more details.

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