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June 2023


BTI (Institute of Bioeconomy) is arranging together with its partners an international event, AgriVenture 2023, in 7-8 June 2023. The event concentrates on startups in agricultural engineering and bioeconomy. The event includes keynotes, an innovation competition, demonstrations, and interaction btw. the startups, research, larger companies and investors. Description of the event is attached. Welcome! Registration is open until April 15th. Details: https://www.jamk.fi/en/project/agriventure-finland-2023 Contact:  annimari.lehtomaki@jamk.fi


Sao Paulo Brazil
20-21 JUN 2023 World Agri-Tech South America Summit Sao Paulo, Brazil https://worldagritechsouthamerica.com  

July 2023


The 14th European Conference on Precision Agriculture will showcase the results of ongoing research and applications in precision agriculture. Organised under the auspices of the International Society of Precision Agriculture (ISPA), by the Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences of the University of Bologna, the ECPA sessions will present Precision Agriculture from the viewpoint of scientists, crop consultants, advisors, extension personnel, agronomists, producers, and other practitioners.  We look forward to seeing you in Bologna, July 2-6, 2023!


Florianopolis Brazil
30 JUL - 4 AUGUST 2023 XXIII Latin American and XXXVIII Brazilian Soil Science Congress Florianopolis, Brazil https://aapresid.org.ar/eventos/  

August 2023


Rosario Argentina
9-11 AUGUST 2023 AAPRESID Congress – Carbon, element of life Rosario, Argentina https://aapresid.org.ar/eventos/

September 2023


During the 18th & 19th September 2023 the ISPA Economics Community will be hosting a special session at the 6th Symposium on Agri-Tech Economics for Sustainable Futures organised by Harper Adams University, UK. The session will be focused on the Economics and Adoption of Precision Agriculture. This is part of an in-person symposium at Harper Adams University in the UK, with discounted on-campus accommodation available and a very sociable conference dinner. You are invited to showcase your work and discuss it among world leading peers and fellow Economics Community members. For the last two years the Economics Community has hosted this special session during the symposium with notable keynotes presented by Prof David Zilberman and Dr David Bullock. The call for papers is currently open and closes on the 10th July 2023 and we encourage ISPA members to consider submitting their work. For more information go to:https://www.agritechecon.co.uk/

October 2023


The 10th Asian-Australasian Conference on Precision Agriculture (ACPA) will be held in Putrajaya, Malaysia from 24-26 October 2023.

December 2023


Cornell University CALS is delighted to host #OFE2023, the 2nd edition of the International Conference for farmer-centric On-Farm Experimentation, that will take place online December 5th & 7th, 2023.   The #OFE2023 conference will continue to connect OFE stakeholders across the world and to progress the OFE sciences. The objective is to assemble and showcase a global body of knowledge on the latest OFE developments, within and across relevant disciplinary fields, from theory to practice. SCOPE & CALL FOR ABSTRACTS To achieve this, the conference will provide a platform for OFE researchers and practitioners to exchange on the different ways they move forward.

January 2024


The Data-Intensive Farm Management Project (https://publish.illinois.edu/data-intensive-farm-managment/ , https://difm-cig.org/about/) will be hosting the USDA-sponsored International Conference for On-Farm Precision Experimentation, January 11-13, 2024.  (Location to be decided, but most likely in the state of Florida.)  The aim of the conference is to introduce on-farm precision experimentation to anyone interested in applied digital agriculture:  farmers and farm managers who wish to conduct valid scientific experiments on their own fields and draw meaningful management advice from the data, professional crop consultants who wish to provide better management advice to their clients, students in digital agricultural programs at 2--and 4-year institutions, and professional researchers in agricultural sciences.  The conference will feature training sessions for the use of the DIFM’s cloud-based cyber-infrastructure, which offers user-friendly methods for the design and implementation of large, statistically valid on-farm agronomic trials, and to make profitable decisions from the data so generated.  Farmers and consultants will present results and lessons from their on-farm trials, and lively discussions will ensue! For more information, contact Carli Miller (cjmille5@illinois.edu).   

April 2024


The joint conference of the 3rd Latin American Conference on Precision Agriculture (CLAP) and the 1st Dominican Congress on Precision Agriculture will be held in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic from 3-5 April 2024.

July 2024


The 16th International Conference on Precision Agriculture will highlight significant research and its applications in precision agriculture and showcase emerging technologies and information management for agriculture. It will offer oral and poster presentations and exhibits, as well as a discussions and exchange of information in various aspects of precision agriculture. Sessions will offer information on key topics for scientists, crop consultants, advisors, extension personnel, agronomists, producers, and other practitioners.