Community Leaders

Karl Behrendt
Harper Adams University
Vice Leader:
Marius Michels
Humboldt University of Berlin

Community Members

Ejaz Ashraf
University of Sargodha, Punjab-Pakistan
Guillermo Balboa
University of Nebraska
Bere Benjamin Bantchina
Bursa Uludağ University
Karl Behrendt
Harper Adams University
Abdel-Aziz Belal
National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NA
Asim Biswas
University of Guelph
Maria Boerngen
Illinois State University
Betty Bonnardel
Farmer Charlie
John Deere
Athyna Cambouris
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Paul Celicourt
Bee Khim Chim
University of Maine
Wei Deng
National Engineering Research Center for Information Technology in Agriculture
Gheorghe Donca
University of Oradea
Luis Alfonso Escobedo
Alex Escolà
Universitat de Lleida
John P Fulton
The Ohio State University
Researcher /Plant and Microbial Biotechnology/MAScIR-UM6P
Marcel Ionescu
Gaurav Jha
Kansas State University
Quirine Ketterings
Cornell University
Masakazu Kodaira
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Herman Krebbers
Andrew Krmenec
Rajeev Ranjan Kumar
ICAR-Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute
Peter M Kyveryga
University of sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene
Won Suk Lee
University of Florida
Mark Licht
Iowa State University Extension and Outreach
James Lowenberg-DeBoer
Harper Adams University
Bruce D Maxwell
Montana StateUniversity
Mason McGregor
Nutrien Ag Solutions
Ricardo Medina
Ink Topografia
Wyatt Medina
Montana State University
Shay Mey-tal
Yuxin Miao
College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, University of Minnesota
Marius Michels
Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany
Somali National University
José Paulo Molin
University of Sao Paulo
EIJI Morimoto
Kobe University
Carlos Mosquera
Penelope Nagel
Persistence Data Mining, Inc
Héctor Nieto Solana
Chikeobi Nnah
Jeff Daniel Nze Memiaghe
Agriculture and Agrifood Canada
Pedro Olivares
Jose M Pena
Institute for Agricultural Sciences (ICA-CSIC)
Manuel Perez-Ruiz
University of Seville, Spain
Amrit Pokhrel
University of Georgia
Laila Puntel
University of Nebraska
Bayu Taruna Widjaja Putra
Center of Excellence on AI for Industrial Agriculture
Vinothan Sritharan
IIFT , New Delhi
Simerjeet Virk
University of Georgia
Shiying Wang
Greencare-HZAU Institute of Precision Agriculture
Tomasz Wojciechowski
Poznań University of Life Sciences
Kang Yu
Technical University of Munich
Jonathan Zettler
Fieldwalker Agronomy Limited

Economics Community

Community name: Precision Agriculture Economics, Profitability, Adoption, and Risk

Justification: The profitability of new technology ultimately determines the success at the farm level and can be measured in part by examining the adoption trends. From the farm and agribusiness side, the economic questions have always been at least as important as the technical issues especially after commercialization of the product.
The scope of this community includes all agricultural economists and associated economic topics including other social sciences. Pertinent topics are profitability, economics, efficiency, and adoption. Economists often examine the profitability of precision either as individual or bundled technology. The economics at the micro- and macro-scale are being evaluated. The adoption trends of technology in both developed and developing countries are often a sub-theme that economists study. Social science topics may include impacts of technology on the rural household, not just the farming operation.
Proposed activities
  • Organize two oral paper sessions at each ICPA, one for profitability and economics and the other on adoption trends and other social science issues.
  • Hold bi-yearly virtual meetings via Skype or similar to encourage worldwide collaboration on adoption trends of precision technology.
  • Hold breakfast meeting at ICPA in even number years to elect Community Leaders and discuss topics for collaboration to present at the next ICPA.
  • Community members will reach out to their colleagues to encourage abstract submission for consideration for presentations.
  • Maintain web page on ISPA website including list of current projects and team members
  • Contribute an entry for ISPA newsletter twice a year

Related Resources

ISPA Economics Community

Deputy Economics Community Leader Professor Marius Michels from Humboldt University in Berlin (Germany) has successfully been elected un-opposed as the incoming ISPA Economics Community Deputy Leader.   Marius Michels, who grew up on an arable farm, pursued a bachelor's degree in agricultural sciences with a specialization in crop sciences at the Georg-August University of Göttingen, Germany in 2013. Subsequently, he commenced a master's program in economic and social sciences of agriculture at the same university, completing it in 2016. His PhD thesis centered on the utilization of smartphones for agricultural purposes.   At present, Marius Michels is a visiting professor at Humboldt University in Berlin, where he directs the department of quantitative agricultural economics. His primary research interest pertains to digitalization in agriculture, with a particular emphasis on analyzing farm-level decision-making. Additionally, he actively investigates risk management strategies for farms, the agricultural land market, agricultural policies, as well as behavioral and experimental economics. The ISPA Economics Community greatly appreciates Marius’ commitment and support and look forward to his leadership.   ISPA Economics Community Event During the 18th & 19th September 2023 the ISPA Economics Community will be hosting a special session at the 6th Symposium on Agri-Tech Economics for Sustainable Futures organised by Harper Adams University, UK. The session will be focused on the Economics and Adoption of Precision Agriculture. We are very excited to announce that the keynote speaker for the session is Professor Jess (James) Lowenberg-DeBoer (co-editor of the journal Precision Agriculture 2016-2022 and past president of the ISPA) who will be presenting on Lessons Learned in 30 years of Precision Agriculture Research.   The session is part of an in-person symposium at Harper Adams University in the UK, with discounted on-campus accommodation available and a very sociable conference dinner. You are invited to showcase your work and discuss it among world leading peers and fellow Economics Community members. The call for papers is currently open and closes on the 10th July 2023 and we encourage ISPA members to consider submitting their work. For more information go to: https://www.agritechecon.co.uk/

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Notes from 2018 JUN Meeting in Montreal

Bullet points regarding the Economics Community meeting at ICPA in Montreal, June 2018: Terry Griffin, Founding Leader, from Kansas State University  and Jordan Shockley, Founding Vice Leader, from the University of Kentucky initiated the first economics community meeting 26 people were in attendance plus 2 that called into the meeting. Those in the meeting represented a wide range of backgrounds, locations, and experience in PA (not just economists) Many topics were discussed but two areas the committee decided to move forward with were: (1) economics of autonomous machinery and (2) pulling together adoption data and research from the global perspective. Jordan Shockley (University of Kentucky) agreed to be the new Leader of the Economcis Community while Jiali Shang (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) agreed to be the new Vice Leader

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