Community Leaders

Brenda Ortiz
Auburn University
Vice Leader: 
Laila A. Puntel
University of Nebraska

Nitrogen Management Community - Special Issue

The Precision Nitrogen Management Community is organizing a Special Issue in Remote Sensing journal on “Remote Sensing for Precision Nitrogen Management”, the details can be found at:  http://www.mdpi.com/journal/remotesensing/special_issues/Precision_N

Precision Nitrogen Management Community

Community Name: Precision Nitrogen Management
Justification: Nitrogen is the most widely used macro nutrient in the world. Agriculture is a major source of N2O emissions in the biosphere. Precision nitrogen management (PNM) is an important area of advanced nutrient management as well as precision agriculture for solving problems in food and environmental security for sustainable agricultural and social development. PNM is a research area that involves management zone delineation, proximal and remote sensing, crop growth modeling, spatial statistics, variable rate technology, agronomy, soil science, meteorology, plant nutrition and greenhouse gas emission mitigation, etc.
Therefore, it requires multi-disciplinary scientists and engineers to collaborate, exchange and share progresses in developing PNM strategies and testing them under on-farm conditions in different parts of the world to support global food and environmental security and sustainable development.
Interests/Scope: This community will focus on developing, evaluating and educating multi-dimensional PNM strategies for different scales of farming systems.
Proposed Activities:
  1. Hold an Annual Community Meeting (either at the ICPA, a virtual meeting, or otherwise as arranged by the community leaders);
  2. Conduct an election of the Community Leadership at the Community Meeting in alternate years.
  3. Maintain a webpage with current information on the ISPA site.
  4. Organize a minimum of one oral session, tour, workshop, or event at each ICPA or other appropriate venue every two years.
  5. Organize writing of a review paper on advances in PNM, and other papers based on original research from around the world to further the science and understanding of PNM.