Community Leaders

Nicolas Tremblay
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Vice Leader:
Simon Cook

On-Farm Experimentation Community

Community Name: On-Farm Experimentation Community
The OFE-C is a new community gathering OFE researchers and practitioners interested in sharing and compiling existing resources online e.g.:
  • guidelines to implement OFE with farmers
  • examples of OFE, experiences and lesson learnt
  • statistical solutions to analyse OFE data
  • best practices to solve specific OFE problems
The community is thematic (rather than geographically oriented) with a focus on: 1) compiling practical, applied, proven-to-be-useful resources; 2) connecting practitioners e.g. OFE networks, extension personnel, analysts. The objective is to provide OFE practitioners with a “1-go-to” source of information.
  1. The new community (OFE-C) will be a complement to the international Consortium for On-Farm Experimentation (COFE).
  2. Technical topics like design, analytical and implementation specifics of on-farm experiments will be part of the Community, while methodological approaches, rationales and  benefits of on-farm experimentation will be overarching topic areas for the Consortium.
  3. Major benefits include making use of the Community’s existing website and network, notably scientific expertise
  4. The leaders of the new Community would need to be careful that the objectives of the Consortium for On-Farm Experimentation and the Community do not overlap and create duplication of efforts.
Proposed Activities: ISPA OFE-C objectives for the next 2-3 years:
  • Starting the construction of an “OFE Wiki” including definitions, projects 1-pager descriptions, scripts, expertise contacts and software recommendations, exercises with (training / non real) databases, repository of protocols and existing farmer/extension guides

  • Developing a message board for Community members to post specific needs, connect people swiftly and conveniently (demand/offer), and provide a platform for rapid feedback on emerging directions.

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