Webcast Maximize Value On-Farm Research

A Precision Ag Insight webcast on Maximizing the Value of On-Farm Research was presented on December 8th 2016 by Godsey Precision Ag. You can find the slides and the recording here.

International Data Week 2016

Tremblay, N. 2016. International Data Week (2016). From Big Data to open data – Mobilizing the data revolution. Travel Report to Denver, CO, September 2016. 47 pages. Available here.

Agricultural Data IG and Research Data Alliance 2015

Tremblay, N. 2015. Agricultural Data Interest Group and Research Data Alliance, Travel Report to Paris, September 2015. 34 pages. Available here.

On-Farm Data Sharing Community

Community Name: On-Farm Data Sharing
Justification: Yield monitors provide farmers with a revolutionary technology to rapidly increase efficiencies in crop production practices. Yields can now be measured easily, accurately and inexpensively at the field scale, which enables farmers to assess crop production practices on a routine basis. However, farmers working alone cannot generate sufficient data to increase efficiencies in crop practices. Large data sets are needed to accurately describe the effects of environmental conditions on crop practices.
Farmers working in networks with scientists, extension, consultants and agency personnel can complete large numbers of replicated strip trials, but networks of farmers typically are not geographically large enough to reliably describe the effects of environmental conditions on crop practices. To reliably calculate the probability of obtaining benefits from new practices, results across farmer networks need to be combined to create data sets of sufficient size. Currently results across farmer networks are difficult to impossible to combine because there are no guidelines to direct the creation of large across-network data sets.  
Guidelines for data stewardship would encourage combining strip trial results across farmer networks because data confidentiality and sharing would be standardized. This would allow moving away from decisions about crop production practices being made primarily on limited data sets, experience, unreplicated trials, and expert opinion. Medical science has moved to evidence-based decisions supported by clinical experience as a result of the Cochrane Collaboration. Agricultural science needs to move to decisions about crop practices based on evidence from large data sets and local knowledge. 
Interests/Scope: This community will: 1) create guidelines for reporting, sharing and archiving of data collected from on-farm research trials and surveys by Farmer Networks, and 2) educate ISPA members and others about the rationale for and benefits of sharing on-farm data.
Proposed Activities:
  1. Hold an Annual Community Meeting (either at the ICPA, a virtual meeting, or otherwise as arranged by the community leaders).
  2. Conduct an election of the Community Leadership at the Community Meeting in alternate years.
  3. Maintain a webpage with current information on the ISPA site.
  4. Organize a minimum of one oral session, tour, workshop, or event at each ICPA or other appropriate venue every two years.
  5. Create guidelines for data stewardship for results and Meta data collected from on-farm trials.
  6. Write case study examples of the benefits of sharing data from on-farm trials to show the benefits of data sharing, and increase understanding about data sharing.
Founding Leader: Thomas Morris, University of Connecticut, thomas.morris@uconn.edu
Founding Vice Leader: Nicolas Tremblay, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, nicolas.tremblay@agr.gc.ca
Supporting ISPA Members:
  1. Peter Kyveryga, Iowa Soybean Association
  2. David Clay, South Dakota State University
  3. Ignacio Ciampitti, Kansas State University
  4. Laura Thompson, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  5. Richard Ferguson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  6. Yuxin Miao, China Agricultural University
  7. Nicole Rabe, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
  8. Harold Van Es, Cornell University
  9. Yeyin Shi, Texas A&M University
  10. Kyle H. Holland, Holland Scientific, Inc.