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What do Country Representatives do?

Country Representatives (CR) serve to help promote ISPA by championing the ISPA mission and purpose globally, in particular, the country they represent.
As a Country Representative, one should engage with ISPA board members providing feedback on ISPA activities, its future and how it can improve addressing member needs in their country, region and globally.  They are also should attend ISPA board meetings when invited to give an update about precision agriculture activities in their country and region. In addition, they should do at least one of the following:
  • Contribute at least one article annually to the ISPA newsletter highlighting precision agriculture updates from their region and news-worthy items for the ISPA newsletters and website, including position announcements, events, awards, etc.  
  • Organize and host a country or regional 60-minute webinar annually on a PA topic relevant to their region.
ISPA is growing internationally so CR’s remain an important position to help ISPA best serve people, groups, governments, and others globally, connecting them to science and experts.  ISPA would like to emphasize that being a Country Representative is to be used to promote the society and its activities.  ISPA reserves the right to remove an individual from being a CR if ISPA deems the position is being used outside of this intent.
ISPA Country Representatives must be an active ISPA member and in good standing living in the country they represent. A country is allowed two CR’s.
If you are interested in becoming a Country Representative, please email info@ispag.org with:
  1. your bio highlighting your experience in precision agriculture and
  2. your CV.