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Precision Agriculture in Bulgaria

Precision Agriculture in Bulgaria Rositsa Beluhova-Uzunova, Dobri Dunchev Agricultural University-Plovdiv, Bulgaria   In Bulgaria the government statistics office does not collect official information on the adoption of precision agriculture (PA). The implementation of the first PA technologies in Bulgaria can be traced back to 2002-2003 with the use of lightbar displays for spreading fertilizer. A few years later with the advent of automatic steering systems it is possible for the displays to be used for sowing and mechanical weed control. After 2009 these technologies are common in the Bulgarian fields.   Now most of farm machines are equipped not only with global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) displays and steering systems, but also with systems for implement guidance on slopes and systems for section control for sprayers. The innovative solutions include also yield monitoring, which creates detailed digital yield maps during the harvest.    The adoption of these PA technologies however is concentrated mainly on big farms in North Bulgaria which are specialized in grain and oilseeds production. According to the Agricultural census in 2016, around 2350 large holdings with economic size (i.e. gross value of crop and livestock output) of more than 250 000 EUR are specialized in extensive production, ...more

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