Poster Sessions Monday and Tuesday Evenings

Please Note: Posters will be on display BOTH Monday and Tuesday evenings from 4:45pm to 6:30pm in the 4th Floor Atrium. Presenters should display their posters on the designated board by 3:00pm on Monday. Presenters are asked to be at their poster from 5:15pm to 6:00pm Monday and Tuesday evenings. 

Poster Program

4:45 PM
6:30 PM
Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems
Topic: Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems
Board: none
UAV-based Hyperspectral Monitoring of Peach Trees As Affected by Silicon Applications and Water Stress Status
Poster Number: 1
- Ana de Castro
Cotton Boll Detection and Yield Estimation Using UAS Lidar Data and RGB Image
Poster Number: 2
- Wenxuan Guo
Evaluation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Images in Estimating Cotton Nitrogen Content
Poster Number: 3
- Rupak Karn
Application of Drone Data to Assess Damage Intensity of Bacterial Leaf Blight Disease on Rice Crop in Indonesia
Poster Number: 4
- Chiharu Hongo
Establishment of a Canola Emergence Assessment Methodology Using Image-based Plant Count and Ground Cover Analysis
Poster Number: 5
- Kaylie Krys
Utilization of UASs to Predict Sugarcane Yields in Louisiana Prior to Harvest
Poster Number: 6
- Richard Johnson
- Balaji Ramachandran
Precision Nitrogen and Water Management for Optimized Sugar Beet Yield and Sugar Content
Poster Number: 7
- Olga Walsh
Multispectral Assessment of Chickpea in the Northern Great Plains
Poster Number: 8
- Justin Vetch
Big Data, Data Mining and Deep Learning
Topic: Big Data, Data Mining and Deep Learning
Board: none
Coupling Machine Learning Algorithms and GIS for Crop Yield Predictions Based on Remote Sensing Imagery and Topographic Indices
Poster Number: 9
- Mailson Oliveira
A Framework for Imputation of Missing Parts in UAV Orthomosaics Using Planetscope and Sentinel-2 Data
Poster Number: 10
- Francisco Pereira
Supervised Feature Selection and Clustering for Equine Activity Recognition
Poster Number: 11
- Timo De Waele
Increasing Precision Irrigation Efficacy for Row Crop Agriculture Through the Use of Artificial Intelligence
Poster Number: 12
- Emily Bedwell
Decision Support Systems
Topic: Decision Support Systems
Board: none
Fruit Fly Electronic Monitoring System
Poster Number: 13
- Claudio Bazzi
Yield Mapping in Fruit Farming
Poster Number: 14
- Claudio Bazzi
AgDataBox: Web Platform of Data Integration, Software, and Methodologies for Digital Agriculture
Poster Number: 15
- Claudio Bazzi
Web Application for Automatic Creation of Thematic Maps and Management Zones - AgDataBox-Fast Track
Poster Number: 16
- Claudio Bazzi
AgDataBox-IoT Application Development for Agrometeorogical Stations in Smart Farm
Poster Number: 17
- Claudio Bazzi
Delineation of Site-specific Management Zones with Proximal Data and Multi-spectral Imagery
Poster Number: 18
- Wubengeda Yilma
Integration of High Resolution Multitemporal Satellite Imagery for Improving Agricultural Crop Classification: a Case Study
Poster Number: 19
- Usman Ali
Making Irrigator Pro an Adaptive Irrigation Decision Support System
Poster Number: 20
- Ioannis Gallios
Developing a neural-network model for detecting Aflatoxin hotspots in peanut fields
Poster Number: 21
- Sunaab Kukal
Drainage Optimization and Variable Rate Irrigation
Topic: Drainage Optimization and Variable Rate Irrigation
Board: none
Establishing the First Soil Water Characteristics Curve for the Soils of Prince Edward Island, Canada
Poster Number: 22
- Saad Cheema
Soil Moisture Variability on Golf Course Fairways Across the United States: an Opportunity for Water Conservation with Precision Irrigation
Poster Number: 23
- Chase Straw
SmartAgriHubs FIE20 - Groundwater and Meteo Sensors and Earth Observation for Precision Agriculture
Poster Number: 24
- Karel Charvat
Evaluating the Potential of Integrated Precision Irrigation and Nitrogen Management for Corn in Minnesota
Poster Number: 25
- Andrea Elvir Flores
Education and Outreach in Precision Agriculture
Topic: Education and Outreach in Precision Agriculture
Board: none
Survey of Pesticide Application Practices and Technologies in Georgia Agricultural Crops
Poster Number: 26
- Simerjeet Virk
Students’ Perceptions of Learning Precision Agriculture through Cooperative Learning Groups
Poster Number: 27
- Oybek Turayev
Geospatial Data
Topic: Geospatial Data
Board: none
Using On-the-Go Soil Sensors to Assess Spatial Variability within the KS Wheat Breeding Program
Poster Number: 28
- Byron Evers
Changes in Soil Quality when Building Ridges for Fruit Plantation
Poster Number: 29
- Hugo Poblete
Cloud Correction of Sentinel-2 NDVI Using S2cloudless Package
Poster Number: 30
- Madhumita Dash
Map Whiteboard As Collaboration Tool for Smart Farming Advisory Services
Poster Number: 31
- Karel Charvat
Investigating Spatial Relationship of Apparent Electrical Conductivity with Turfgrass and Soil Characteristics in Sand-capped Golf Course Fairways
Poster Number: 32
- Chase Straw
In-Season Nitrogen Management
Topic: In-Season Nitrogen Management
Board: none
Assessment of Active Crop Canopy Sensor As a Tool for Optimal Nitrogen Management in Dryland Winter Wheat
Poster Number: 33
- Deepak Ghimire
Precision Agriculture and Global Food Security
Topic: Precision Agriculture and Global Food Security
Board: none
Suitability of ML Algorithms to Predict Wild Blueberry Harvesting Losses
Poster Number: 34
- Travis Esau
Enhancing PA Adoption Through Value Connections
Poster Number: 35
- David Lamb
Farmer Charlie - Low Cost Smart Local Data Available to Remote Farmers
Poster Number: 36
- Betty Bonnardel
Smart Food Oases: Development of a Distributed Point-to-point Urban Food Ecosystem in Food Desert Areas
Poster Number: 37
- Jejung Lee
Precision Horticulture
Topic: Precision Horticulture
Board: none
Temperature Effect on Wild Blueberry Fruit Quality During Mechanical Harvest
Poster Number: 38
- Travis Esau
Proximal and Remote Sensing of Soil and Crop (including Phenotyping)
Topic: Proximal and Remote Sensing of Soil and Crop (including Phenotyping)
Board: none
Estimating Soil Carbon Stocks with In-field Visible and Near-infrared Spectroscopy
Poster Number: 39
- Curtis Ransom
On-the-go Gamma Spectrometry and Its Evaluation Via Support Vector Machines: Really a Valuable Tool for Site-independent Soil Texture Prediction?
Poster Number: 40
- Stefan PÄTZOLD
Snap-shot Hyperspectral Camera for Potassium Prediction of Peach Trees Using Multivariate Analysis
Poster Number: 42
- Joe Mari Maja
Multi-sensor Imagery Fusion for Pixel-by-pixel Water Stress Mapping
Poster Number: 43
- Ran Pelta
Proximal Sensing of Penetration Resistance at a Permanent Grassland Site in Southern Finland
Poster Number: 44
- Antti Lajunen
Mapping Soil Health and Grain Quality Variations Across a Corn Field in Texas
Poster Number: 45
- Kabindra Adhikari
Robotics, Guidance and Automation
Topic: Robotics, Guidance and Automation
Board: none
Development of a Granular Herbicide Spot Applicator for Management of Hair Fescue (Festuca Filiformis) in Wild Blueberry (Vaccinium Angustifolium)
Poster Number: 46
- Craig MacEachern
Using Prescription Maps for in Field Evaluations of Parameteres Affecting Spraying Accuracy of Self-propelled Sprayer
Poster Number: 47
- Paulo Flores
Site-Specific Pasture Management
Topic: Site-Specific Pasture Management
Board: none
Grassland System Impacts on Spatial Variability of Soil Phosphorus in Eastern Canada
Poster Number: 49
- Jeff Nze Memiaghe
Small Holders and Precision Agriculture
Topic: Small Holders and Precision Agriculture
Board: none
Low Cost Smartphone Camera Accessory to Digitally Measure Leaf Color for Crop Nitrogen Status Assessment
Poster Number: 49
- Gustavo Portz