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The CHACRAS system: an OFE project led by AAPRESID in Argentina

The Argentine No-Till Farmers Association (AAPRESID) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization born out of a strong desire to protect farmers’ most valuable resource - the soil. The association is made up of a network of farmers who have adopted and promoted a new agricultural paradigm based on no-till practices. CHACRAS SYSTEM is a program created by AAPRESID to meet the technological needs of farmers and technician groups in their work environments, based on an integrated analysis of their production systems. Through its two spaces, CHACRAS and Thematic Networks, it serves as a platform for knowledge generation and transfer, in addition to training human resources. It combines a “learn by producing” approach, which uses real-life scenarios and solution proposals, with an interactive network that enhances farmers’ experiences through scientific knowledge, entrepreneurial vision, and institutional support. Learn more here.