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Using the DIFM OFE tool in Argentina to manage within-field variability.

Since 2017, a group of producers and agricultural companies in the Pampas Region of Argentina gradually started adopting technologies developed by the Data Intensive Farm Management (DIFM) project to conduct on-farm experiments and obtain a deeper learning about within-field spatial and temporal variability of crop response to ag inputs, such as nitrogen and plant population. This region-wide network, coordinated by Dr. Agustin Pagani, independent researcher and president of Clarion, Inc., has rapidly expanded to other regions of the country where less science-based information to support fertilizer recommendations is available. The “checkerboard design” is the base of this effort, a methodology based on precision agriculture technologies to generate affordable, scalable, and statistically robust data to help farmers maximize input use efficiency site-specifically. Learn more from Juan Martin Rompani’s presentation “Conducting research along with farmers”.