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A Note From ISPA President Dr. John Fulton

Good day,  
I am reaching out about renewing your ISPA membership for the coming year.  There have been several new membership benefits over the past year including an enhanced My Account page which allows you to quickly and easily join ISPA communities that align with your interests.  We have also developed a new database of Precision and Digital Ag courses being taught globally.  Finally, our monthly newsletter provides up to date information and announcements on Precision Agriculture topics and events. 
I hope you consider renewing your ISPA membership as there are additional new membership perks in the works.  The society is growing and has better connections globally today with agencies, scientists, and industry.  I am excited about the direction ISPA is moving towards, meeting its mission of ”advancing the science, education, and practice of precision agriculture globally.”  
If you have any questions or suggestions on improving ISPA, please contact me.  I am open to ideas for enhancing the membership value of the society.    
Thank you have a good day.  
Kind regards,
ISPA President
Renew your ISPA Membership
You may also renew your membership through your My Account page under the Membership tab.  You will need to log in to access your My Account page.