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Call For A Vote On The ISPA Bylaw Updates

A reminder to submit your feedback and vote on the proposed ISPA Bylaw revisions.  
The ISPA board has prepared a draft of the Bylaw revisions, now we would like to hear from our membership.  Please follow the link below to review the updates, provide feedback, and vote on the article revisions.  Please vote on the updated bylaws located at the bottom of the page.  Thank-you.
You will need to sign into the ISPA website using your membership login in order to access this survey.  The survey will be open until Tuesday 18 July 2023.
The ISPA Bylaws have not been updated since 2008 upon incorporation of the society as a non-profit corporation. ISPA has matured since 2008 and operates differently today. The updated Bylaws attempt to reflect the current operations of the society and provide context to responsibilities and the corporation as a whole. We also see a need for the society to operate more globally. Thereby, these revised Bylaws expand the ISPA Board of Directors to include more people from the various regions of the world.
A summary of revisions include:
     1)  Accurate titles for officers and Board Members aligning with titles used today.
     2)  Clearer roles and responsibilities for Country Representatives (CRs).
     3)  Clearer roles for Officers and Board Members.
     4)  Update to the operations of technical Communities and how new ones can be added more efficiently.
     5)  Expanding the Board of Directors from 5 to 9 people including 1 representative from each of the following 5 regions
          of the world. The other 4 Board members are made up of the ISPA officers.
               a.  Africa
               b.  Asia/Oceania
               c.  Europe
               d.  Latin America and the Caribbean
               e.  North America