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Assistant Professor in Computational Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

Assistant Professor in Computational Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Brief description: The assistant professor of computational agricultural and environmental science will develop a high-impact research program that integrates plant and soil sciences and data analytics to advance agricultural and environmental sustainability. The incumbent will create and analyze high-volume/high-resolution datasets from different sources (e.g., field data, remotely-sensed data, sensor webs) and use and develop advanced, data-driven computational methods to understand agroecosystems and predict productivity and environmental outcomes. Approaches may include statistical and process-based simulation models and machine learning. This individual will become a leader in integrating multi-scale data and transforming these data into knowledge and applied solutions. The incumbent will contribute to the instructional mission of the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences at University of Kentucky by teaching in the Agricultural Ecosystem Sciences (AES) and Natural Resources and Environmental Science (NRES) undergraduate programs, as well as in the Integrated Plant and Soil Sciences graduate program. Teaching assignments will be based on the program needs plus the candidate’s interests and qualifications.
Applications should be submitted by July 21st for full consideration.