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The African Alliance for Food Security and Agribusiness (AAFSA)

The African Alliance for Food Security and Agribusiness (AAFSA) is a network ecosystem designed to accelerate growth for practising agripreneurs in Africa by leveraging a data-driven, evidence-based and knowledge approach to agriculture.
Data-driven and knowledge-based approaches to crop production are significant contributors to high yields. The lack of access to data-driven and knowledge-based approaches for farmers and the relatively high cost of deploying a digital agriculture technical infrastructure required for this practice also contributes to the relatively low yield derived from crop production.
AAFSA network will empower MSMEs(agriprenuers) to acquire the technical and business capacity, mentorship including software licenses, required to achieve increased yield per hectare and incomes for both farmers and members, at low cost, building efficiency into the adoption and implementation of digital technologies for agriculture.
To learn more, please visit: aafsa.org