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20180612 Minutes

International Society of Precision Agriculture (ISPA) Board Meeting Minutes
June 12, 2018
Conference Call

Participants: Nicolas Tremblay, President; Ken Sudduth, Past-President;
John Stafford, 2012‑14 President; Terry Griffin, Treasurer; Viacheslav Adamchuk, Secretary; Quentin Rund, Executive Secretary
Could not participate: Ian Yule, President Elect; Raj Khosla, Founding President
The meeting started at 15:30 EDT. Nicolas reviewed the agenda, which was accepted as distributed. Nicolas reviewed the minutes from the May 21, 2018 call.
Per communication with Raj, Nicolas acknowledged that three nominees for the president’s position have been received: Jess Lowenberg-DeBoer, John Fulton, and Victor Alchanatis. There are two nominations for the secretary position: Sun-Ok Chung and Victor Alchanatis. Terri Griffin informed the Board that he has decided to continue in his 4-year term as the treasurer and not to run for another position. After discussing different balloting options, the 2 + 2 idea was accepted. Thus, Jess and John will be on the ballot for the president’s position, while Sun-Ok and Victor will compete for the secretary’s position.
Quentin provided an update on the status of ICPA. To date, we have 389 registrants. We ordered materials for 450 attendees and could expect around 425 registered participants. The tour has 93 registrants; the R workshop is sold out with strong participation in the other two workshops. All the sponsorship slots were taken and the exhibit hall is full (24 booths). The program is full and should be finalized within a couple days. We should have about 80 posters. Nicolas asked about leaving posters on display for the entire conference. In general, Board members supported this idea. Presenters should be present near their posters between 17:30 and 18:00 both on Monday and on Tuesday.
Nicolas asked if photos of presentations and posters should be allowed. It appears that the general consensus is to allow attendees to take snapshots as long as they are not disruptive to the audience or speakers. Presenters who do not want their slides to be photographed should inform the chairs, who will inform the audience. We should also encourage participants to take photos, twitter about conference activities and deposit their best pictures on the conference website.
During the conference, the Board will meet twice: on Sunday, June 24 from 15:00 to 17:00 and on Tuesday, June 26 from 20:00 to 22:00. The second meeting will include the new Board members, ECPA/ACPA chairs and dinner will be provided.
The meeting was adjourned at 16:40.
Distributed Agenda
  1. Call to order / Welcome
  2. Agenda approval
  3. Review and approval of minutes 18-05-21 (V. Adamchuk)
  4. Board positions
  5. Nominations (R. Khosla)
  6. Election process (All)
  7. 14th ICPA
  8. Quick update (Q. Rund)
  9. Consultation on new policy to allow photos or videos of presentations, unless otherwise specified by the presenter (N. Tremblay)
  10. Program with Board meeting times (V. Adamchuk)
  11. Adjourn