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Precision Agriculture in the Ukraine

Precision agriculture technology is readily available in the Ukraine. Many of the major PA companies from Europe and North America are represented. There are many Ukrainian start up companies providing PA services, such as drone images, soil testing and soil mapping. The large farming companies, like Kernel (www.kernel.ua), have experimented with a range of PA technologies including: use of satellite images, yield mapping, intensive soil sampling and variable rate technology for fertilizer and seed. There are no official statistics on PA adoption in Ukraine, but all indications are that other than Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), adoption of PA technologies is very limited.
ISPA member and Agrilabs co-founder Iaroslav Beiko says, “Ukraine is on the stage of studying and testing elements of precision agriculture, so if we are talking about using of separate elements of PA (use autopilot or automatic section control) are used up to 20% Ukraine's areas. If we are talking about systematic and conscious use of PA complex, from mapping of field properties to VRT of fertilizers and seeds, is used on the less than 5% of areas.“
Some industry sources suggest a slightly higher adoption, but tell the same underlying story. For example, the SmartFarming website says, “About 30% – this is the ratio of agriculture producers in Ukraine that implement precision farming technologies today. However, they usually limit this innovative technique to a single feature – an autopilot or a guidance system to avoid overlaps and gaps in the fields” (https://smartfarming.ua/en-blog/kak-nachat-vnedryat-tochnoe-zemledelie-na-predpriyatii)