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20200312 Minutes

International Society of Precision Agriculture (ISPA) Board Meeting Minutes
March 12, 2020
Conference Call
Participants: Ian Yule, President; Ken Sudduth, Past-President; Nicolas Tremblay, Immediate Past President; Terry Griffin, Treasurer; Victor Alchanatis,  Secretary; Quentin Rund, Executive Secretary
Excluded from participation due to the personal involvement in topic discussed: Jess Lowenberg DeBoer, President Elect; John Stafford Past President;
Could not participate: Raj Khosla, Founding President; 
The meeting started at 13:30 UTC-5 (There was a time change in the US, that Victor was not aware of, he joined the conference 45 minutes late.)
2020 ICPA preparations
The discussion started before Victor joined the call.
Recap at the end of the call: Victor described the situation in Israel, where elementary, high school and university classes are closed, incoming international flights are very limited and only Israeli citizens are allowed to enter, no gathering with more than 100 people is allowed, conferences planned for the next 4 months are being cancelled. Terry also updated that interstate travel has been limited in the US. 
It was also updated that apx. 60% of ICPA participants are from the US. Quentin will check what is the distribution of participants from the rest of the world
Quentin will check what the distribution of participants from the rest of the world was.
PRAG editors fees
The society owes the 2018 and 2019 fees. 
The fees for 2018 services were to be paid until Dec 2019, and the 2019 fees until Dec 2020. Ken has informed the board on the communication with John in 2016, where John asked for adjustment of the fees (2500 UK pounds) according to the inflation index in UK. Furthermore, it was mentioned that the requirements for making the payment are not clear enough, and the report that is provided by John may not be sufficient in its present form. Nevertheless, no clarification has been made with John util today on the board’s requirements. 
Nicolas proposed to adjust the annual fee according to the inflation index, and make the 2018 payment immediately. As for the 2019 services fee, review the report and talk with John before making the payment. The board has to define and clarify the requirements with John. (Nicolas had to leave the call a few minutes before it ended). Victor supported Nicola’s proposal.
Terry mentioned that he will perform any payment that the board will decide. (I did not hear what Terry’s position at the beginning of the call)
Ian proposed to circulate a draft note by email to the voting members in order to approve the actions to be taken. The note would include the following points: 
The basic fee of 2500 UK pounds was set in 2016. The 2018 fees will be updated according to the inflation index in 2018 in the UK (2.7%) and paid to John as soon as possible. The fee for 2019 will be paid after the board reviews the 2019 report and discussed with John the requirements.
Ian will draft the note and circulate it to the voting members of the bard for comments and subsequent approval. Jess will be included to the circulation.
Meeting adjourned 14:45 UCT-5.