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20200302 Minutes

International Society of Precision Agriculture (ISPA) Board Meeting Minutes
March 2nd, 2020
Conference Call
Participants: Ian Yule, President; Ken Sudduth, Past-President; Nicolas Tremblay, Immediate Past President; Terry Griffin, Treasurer; Victor Alchanatis,  Secretary; Quentin Rund, Executive Secretary; Jess Lowenberg DeBoer, President Elect; Raj Khosla, Founding President; John Stafford Past President;
Could not participate: --- 
The meeting started at 13:30 UTC-5 
2020 ICPA preparations
Abstracts status: 299 submitted so far this conference, 217 accepted for Oral presentation.
Exhibitors and Sponsors
⁃           Board requested to forward/share info to any contacts for exhibitors/sponsors.
⁃           3 so far, Sentera, Soilview, InfoAg.
⁃           Raj sponsor roundtable as part of plenary session. Trimble, Agrable, Nutrient, Climate, Hortau…ideas.
⁃           Contribution to go to Foundation.
⁃           Gold or higher sponsor.
⁃           Nicolas expressed concern about $ loss for conference if sponsorships go to Foundation.
Quentin suggested the Foundation cover the cost of Awards. Terry mentioned that financially, ISPA is in good shape. Ian offered to add his signature to a letter regarding the package for the roundtable.
⁃           okay to just do the Technical Tour.
⁃           no need for the boat tour add-on.
⁃           international travel is a key aspect.
⁃           have to wait and see….but be ready to respond if situation changes.
⁃           current situation in US, air travel not impaired.
Award nominations (Pres-Elect)
⁃           Nomination packets are available.
⁃           Should give a talk more about Pierre as part of awards ceremony.
⁃           Are there procedures for a review? 
            Quentin and Ian will review past emails on the review process
            Jess will handle the process of awards.
Elections (Past Pres)
⁃           President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary.
⁃           Try to distribute geography of candidates.
⁃           Solicit candidates if needed.
⁃           Look for diversity in Leadership.
PRAG Annual Report
The report on PRAG was sent in January to the board members.
Jess just renewed his contract. John’s contract ends at end of 2020. 
Other journals editorial processes were mentioned: 
⁃           ASABE - editor in chief gets a stipend.
⁃           Agronomy - just switched providers/editors, Wiley now publisher.
Nicolas stated that it’s ISPA’s contribution to support editors.  Proposed to renew support from ISPA of editors at current levels. ISPA has been doing an annual review of stipend to editors. Ian suggested to index compensation to workload. Quentin suggested to pay what we have paid in the past, then make an adjustment payment based on workload at a later date (Ian formed as motion). All were in favor.
It was decided to pay what we have paid in the past, then make an adjustment payment based on workload at a later date.
Terry asked about time from submission to publication, not in this year’s report. John mentioned that it takes time to review all the submissions, it is a very variable timeline, it takes time to find reviewers. Terry asked for ideas to incentivize reviewers. John asked whether Springer linked reviewers to Publon? Jess replied that this will not likely to have much impact.
Rest of Board (not John/Jess) will discuss payment based on workload at a later date.
PA Definitions
Jess submitted a request for translations to ISPA Country Reps. Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, French, Japanese translation is underway.  German, and Korean - no response from country reps
Call for PA Research Pathway
There have been some delays in getting out the email for interest from Marinello. Got a good response from the request for input: 25-30 volunteers. Now working on organization of input.
Provide guidance from Society to work with APNI.
Jess to meet with APNI (SP) .
Abdul Azziz, Egypt indicated interest in starting PA conf., Mohammed VI University to partner with digital ag into Africa. OCP Chief Scientist Africa Science Group, meeting of over 100 people, with follow up discussion re: AfCPA. RK wrote vision paper on AfCPA. ⁃
Next week Jess meeting with Steve in London (Skype in Raj and Quentin).
There was some initial concern that ISPA is taking over, but in no way our intent…Jess will clarify with Steve. We will clarify that we are only in a support role. OK meeting to put together a class for M6P on PA, location has not yet been determined. Quentin sent, today, both documents to the board.
Review and comment documents.
Nicolas requested approval of the board for conference support.
Board, through email, gave approval for endorsement.
Quentin will send a newsletter on ISPA.
Meeting adjourned 15:30 UCT-5.