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20200326 Minutes

International Society of Precision Agriculture (ISPA) Board Meeting Minutes
March 26, 2020
Conference Call
Participants: Ian Yule, President; Ken Sudduth, Past-President; Nicolas Tremblay, Immediate Past President; Terry Griffin, Treasurer; Victor Alchanatis,  Secretary; Quentin Rund, Executive Secretary, Jess Lowenberg DeBoer, President Elect; John Stafford Past President; Raj Khosla, Founding President
Could not participate: --
The meeting started at 13:30 UTC-5
2020 ICPA preparations
Following the current situation with COVID-19 around the world which does not seem to enable the conference in June 28 2020, the board explored different options.
All board members agree that June 28-July 3rd 2020 is not a realistic time to hold the conference.
Marriot has expressed the possibility to extend the opportunity to realize the contract signed with ISPA, with the same terms, until February 2021.
Board members were reluctant about holding the conference early 2021 because there are three other similar events that the society endorses: ECPA, ACPA and PCPA
ECPA 2021 is planned to be held in Hungary, and preparation continue as planned.
Dale, from Marriot, was contacted and the board asked to consider postponing the event to 2022 without any penalty, with the same conditions as the current contract. Dale is supposed to get back to the board with Marriot’s position on that.
The board has decided to wait until the end of April, when the reduced penalty deadline expires. 
Terry will find what is the liability of PAQ when there is cancelation of a meeting and report to the next board meeting.
The board will notify the authors of the papers that we are following the world condition and will soon make decision (similar to wording sent out by several other conferences). Quentin will prepare a draft wording and circulate.
The board discussed the awards process this year, assuming that ICPA will not take place as planned. The board decided:
All, but students travel awards, will continue as planned.
Pierre Robert award call will be altered this year and will not require to give a presentation during the conference. Quentin will make the necessary changes to the call.
Nomination for awards is still open and will be solicited through the newsletter.
ISPA officers election
The board has discussed the elections dates and procedures. A discussion was held as to who will have the right to vote, assuming that ICPA will not take place as planned. A number of nominations have been submitted, and the nomination process is still open.
It was decided to leave the elections at the planned date (June 28th, 2020). 
Regarding the voting rights, the board has decided to allow all current members to vote (since membership of many members was paid together with the conference fees, which will not possible this year).
Meeting adjourned 15:30 UCT-5.