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3. Data and Analytics

Monday 17th (8-10 a.m. Chicago = 3-5 p.m. Paris)
How should we rethink the planning and analysis of on-farm experiments with farmers’ interests in mind? How should we organize and curate data and metadata for this purpose? Farmer-centric experimentation has great potential to improve the design and adoption of better farm management practices. All stakeholders, including farmers, commercial product and service providers, scientists and policy makers, must seize this opportunity to improve farm practices in terms of precision, efficiency and impact. From smallholders to broadacre farmers, from local to greater scales, well-targeted analytics can be deployed to exploit the valuable data already collected on the farm. This webinar will feature five presentations across two axes: 1) analytics at the level of a single farm, group of farms, or big data; and 2) practices to make data and metadata effective, with special attention to agronomic data. Participants will be able to contribute to a summary document presenting key issues and recommendations.