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2024 International Conference for On-Farm Precision Experimentation
Jan 11, 2024 to Jan 13, 2024
The Data-Intensive Farm Management Project (https://publish.illinois.edu/data-intensive-farm-managment/ , https://difm-cig.org/about/) will be hosting the USDA-sponsored International Conference for On-Farm Precision Experimentation, January 11-13, 2024.  (Location to be decided, but most likely in the state of Florida.)  The aim of the conference is to introduce on-farm precision experimentation to anyone interested in applied digital agriculture:  farmers and farm managers who wish to conduct valid scientific experiments on their own fields and draw meaningful management advice from the data, professional crop consultants who wish to provide better management advice to their clients, students in digital agricultural programs at 2--and 4-year institutions, and professional researchers in agricultural sciences.  The conference will feature training sessions for the use of the DIFM’s cloud-based cyber-infrastructure, which offers user-friendly methods for the design and implementation of large, statistically valid on-farm agronomic trials, and to make profitable decisions from the data so generated.  Farmers and consultants will present results and lessons from their on-farm trials, and lively discussions will ensue! For more information, contact Carli Miller (cjmille5@illinois.edu).