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Feb 21, 2024 to Feb 22, 2024
The 6th annual Phosphorus Forum, hosted by the Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance and the NSF-funded STEPS Center, is coming up on February 21 and 22 in Tempe, Arizona! Registration is available here: https://specialevents.asu.edu/pforum24
The Forum will address critical issues in phosphorus sustainability. While a complete agenda can be found online, some talks and sessions include: 
  • Improving Precision Fertilization: Learn about obstacles to precision fertilization adoption and how new technologies and economic and agronomic models can adapt to widen its reach with experts John Fulton (ISPA and Ohio State), Steve Phillips (APNI and Oklahoma State), Scott Shearer (Ohio State), and Josh McGrath (OCP NA).
  • The phosphorus cascade:  Navigating from sources to solutions, a keynote talk from Jana Compton, Ecologist and Biogeochemist with US EPA.
  • Aligning Regenerative Agriculture with Sustainable Phosphorus Management, a keynote talk from Nathan Nelson, Professor at Kansas State University.
  • Industry Efforts in Sustainable Phosphorus Production: Join industry leaders OCP, Nutrien, Mosaic, and Ostara as they discuss their innovative solutions for making phosphates production more sustainable.
  • Modeling, Monitoring, and Measuring P Management Impacts: Learn about how farmland nutrient management is being valorized and the knowledge gaps in evaluating the impacts of management practice from Rebecca Muenich (U. Arkansas), Justin Baker (NCSU), Eric Coronel (Field to Market) and Chris Smallwood (Ecosystem Services Market Consortium).
Develop your knowledge, network with like-minded professionals, uncover funding opportunities, and enjoy the beautiful Tempe weather, with an average high of 71°F in February!
The Phosphorus Forum will be exclusively held on-site. Early-bird discounts available before November 19, 2023: https://specialevents.asu.edu/pforum24.