Program Topics

Application of Granular Materials with Drones
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Agriculture
Big Data, Data Mining and Deep Learning
Data Analytics for Production Ag
Decision Support Systems
Digital Agriculture Solutions for Soil Health and Water Quality
Drainage Optimization and Variable Rate Irrigation
Drivers and Barriers to Adoption of Precision Ag Technologies or Digital Agriculture
Drone Spraying
Edge Computing and Cloud Solutions
Education of Precision Agriculture Topics and Practices
Extension or Outreach Education of Precision Agriculture
Farm Animals Health and Welfare Monitoring
Genomics and Precision Agriculture
Geospatial Data
In-Season Nitrogen Management
Land Improvement and Conservation Practices
On Farm Experimentation with Site-Specific Technologies
Precision Agriculture and Global Food Security
Precision Agriculture for Sustainability and Environmental Protection
Precision Crop Protection
Precision Dairy and Livestock Management
Precision Horticulture
Profitability and Success Stories in Precision Agriculture
Proximal and Remote Sensing of Soils and Crops (including Phenotyping)
Robotics and Automation with Row and Horticultural Crops
Scouting and Field Data collection with Unmanned Aerial Systems
Site-Specific Nutrient, Lime and Seed Management
Site-Specific Pasture Management
Small Holders and Precision Agriculture
Smart Weather for Precision Agriculture
Social Science Applications within Precision Agriculture
Weather and Models for Precision Agriculture
Wireless Sensor Networks and Farm Connectivity

16th ICPA Conference Deadlines

Date Description
1 Dec 2023 Abstract Submission Deadline - Final
1 Feb 2024 Abstract Review Notices are Released
16 Apr 2024 Award Nomination Deadline
1 Jun 2024 Full Papers Due
14 Jun 2024 Presenter Conference Registration Deadline, the abstract will be dropped from the program if the presenter is not registered by this date
21-24 Jul 2024 Conference Dates

Oral Presentations

Please follow the guidelines below for Oral Presentations:
  • Each presentation will have a 15 minute time slot.  We reccommend presenting for about 13 minutes to allow a few minutes for questions at the end. 
  • Please format your presentation to a 16:9 screen ratio. 
  • Slidesets used for the presentation may be uploaded through the abstract management system, www.ispag.org/abstracts. Use the green action button next to the abstract, then click Upload paper and choose powerpoint slide deck from the paper type dropdown list.  Please be sure your slide deck is uploaded one week prior to your presentation. 

Details for Poster Presentations

Poster presenters are required to bring their printed poster to the conference.  Please make arrangements to have your poster printed before you arrive.  Conference Organizers will not be able to print your poster onsite. 

Please note: poster format must be no larger than 44.5 inches high by 44.5 inches wide (1.15 meters by 1.15 meters). Please be sure your posters are designed to fit in this format. Posters may be attached to the boards using pushpins or velcro. Supplies will be available at the conference registration desk.  Presenters may begin setting up their poster at 7:30am on the date of their presentation and their poster must be removed following the evening reception. Posters that are left on display past their time will be removed by conference staff.

The Poster Session will be Monday & Tuesday evening from 5:00pm to 6:30pm poster presenters should be present during this time.  Please review the Poster program thoroughly to find out on which day your poster will be presented.  

If you have questions please contact info@ispag.org.

Author Instructions

  • Full papers (or 2-page summary for posters) must be uploaded by 01 JUNE 2024 for inclusion in the proceedings. 
  • The abstract presenter(s) must be registered for the conference by 14 JUNE 2024 for it to be included in the conference and proceedings.
  • Papers not meeting these requirements will not be included in the conference or proceedings.
NOTE: The online proceedings of the International Conference on Precision Agriculture will provide an enduring, accessible, and citable record of your research. All oral presenters are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to prepare a full-length paper (4-15 pages long) for online non-referreed conference proceedings. Poster presenters are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to also prepare a full-length paper. 
  1. Name the file with your abstract number and corresponding author name. For example “Abstract 101 John Smith.doc”.
  2. Microsoft Word is the only accepted file format. 
  3. Please submit your paper online at www.ispag.org/abstracts by 01 JUNE 2024. Login at the site and click the upload paper button to the left of the abstract title. 
  4. Paper must be in a digital “CAMERA READY” format, i.e., fully laid out, with all graphics and figures inline. Tables, graphs, and images should be a part of the document, rather than originating from another software source and must be embedded in the text. For example, do not embed an Excel table and send it with the linked database used to generate the table.
  5. Absolutely NO faxed papers.
  6. DEADLINE: 01 JUNE 2024.

Full Paper Instructions for Oral and Poster Authors

Full Paper Instructions
A maximum of 15 pages, "camera ready", single-spaced, including figures, tables, graphs and references will be accepted. Authors must format their paper using the MS Word template.

Minimum Paper Requirement for Poster Authors

2-Page Paper Instructions
Poster presenters are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to prepare a full-length paper (see instructions above), or a minimum 2-page, "camera ready", single-spaced, including figures, tables, graphs and references will be accepted. Authors must format their paper using the MS Word template.

ICPA Template for Papers

Full Paper Instructions
Authors must format their paper using the MS Word Template