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15th ICPA Post Conference Tour

Following the ICPA Conference sessions on Wednesday, June 29th, join us for an enlightening tour of the University of Minnesota’s Robotics Institute and the Precision Agriculture Center.  Buses will leave the Marriott Conference Center at 1:00pm and return by 6:00pm.  The cost of the tour is $65 and a boxed lunch is included in the tour registration price. 
Starting at 1:30pm, attendees will spend roughly 2 hours in the Minnesota Robotics Institute (Shepherd Labs) on the main campus of the University of Minnesota.  Visitors will learn about the Distributed Robotics Lab, the Robotic Sensor Network Lab, and the Drone Lab.  
From there, we will travel 15 minutes to the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota’s Precision Ag Center.  While at the Precision Ag Center, attendees will learn about the research being conducted at the center and see demonstrations from the university’s partner companies, like PDMI, who will lead a demonstration on hyperspectral soil sensing.  These activities would take about 1 ½ hours.
It will be a great way to conclude the ICPA conference!
List of the stops:
Stop A - Minnesota Robotics Institute 
Stop B – Precision Ag Center

Following is the tentative itinerary:
Board the Buses at the Minneapolis Marriott City Center Hotel (box lunch on board)
Departure from the Minneapolis Marriott City Center
Stop A: Minnesota Robotics Institute
Departure from Stop A
Stop B: Precision Ag Center
Departure from Stop B
Return to Minneapolis Marriott City Center Hotel

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