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Let's Define Precision Agriculture

Today, several dozen definitions exist to define the term “precision agriculture”. Some of these definitions are more widely used than others. However, the public perspective on precision agriculture has been changing with time and the original definitions may no longer be representative of this change. Many of the authors of published definitions are members of the International Society of Precision Agriculture (ISPA), and it will be a useful exercise to gather society-wide opinion on the proper definition. Please complete this short survey in an effort to develop a new definition and publish it on the front page of ...

Survey of the use of apps and/or digital platforms for data management in agriculture. Survey 2022.

Precision Agriculture has two major strategic partners that enhance the degree of adoption by users, on the one hand, Agricultural Machinery, which is no longer just an articulated set of parts for the purpose of optimizing energy use through of the application of power in agricultural tasks, but today it needs technologies that improve its efficiency with care for the productive environment. On the other hand, the second strategic partner is Digital Agriculture (AD), which has developed and incorporated applications and/or digital platforms for managing agricultural data, based mainly on the use of satellite images that, with advanced computational ...