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Representative for Japan

EIJI Morimoto
Associate Professor
Kobe University
Rokkodai, Nada
Kobe, Hyogo 657-8501

Japan Articles

Advancements in Precision Agriculture: A Look at Japan's Current Landscape

By Japan's ISPA Country Representative, Dr. Eiji Morimoto (morimoto@gold.kobe-u.ac.jp) In a stride towards modernizing agriculture, Japan is actively pursuing precision farming initiatives. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF) has taken the lead in fostering the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Through subsidies extended to agricultural machinery manufacturers and start-ups, MAFF aims to address challenges in cultivation management and promote automation with IoT. Kobe University stands at the forefront of this technological revolution, steering its focus towards farmer-centric precision agriculture. Embracing the philosophy of on-farm experimentation, the university is making significant strides in  the development of cutting-edge technologies. These include advancements in collecting field information through soil and growth sensors, coupled with mapping and analysis technologies tailored for a diverse range of crops – from rice paddies to orchard. In a collaborative effort, Morimoto laboratory has joined forces with start-up leaders such as Agrist, recipient of the CES 2023 Innovation Award-winning sweet pepper harvesting robot, as well as renowned domestic manufacturers like Kubota, Iseki, and Topcon. This collaboration aims to seamlessly integrate innovative technologies into mainstream agricultural practices.   Beyond mere robotization, Kobe University envisions the creation of a connected ...more

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Country Representative - Eiji Morimoto

Country Representatives serve to help promote ISPA by championing the ISPA mission and purpose globally, in particular, in the country they represent. ISPA is growing internationally so Country Representatives remain an important position to help ISPA best serve people, groups, governments and others, globally connecting them to science and experts.   Please join us in thanking ISPA Country Representative from Japan, Eiji Morimoto.    If you are interested in becoming a Country Representative, please email info@ispag.org with your bio highlighting your experience in precision agriculture and your CV.  ISPA requires that all Country Representatives are current members of the society. To become a member, please complete the membership form.  

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