ISPA Account

Research Scientist/Engineer

CSIRO Agriculture seek an experienced Farming Systems Agronomist to join the Canberra-based group.  The position will involve on-farm agronomic experimentation in southern Australia to investigate the impacts of a range of innovative crop management strategies to improve productivity and input-use efficiency.  A specific role for the new appointment will be to develop and apply digital agriculture principles within the portfolio of relevant CSIRO activities at both experimental and farm-scales.  In particular, there is an opportunity in the Canberra-based group to integrate new technologies into research and extension activities as a means to modernise cropping systems research and delivery and to reflect developments in commercial agriculture. Opportunity also exists to develop research links between agronomy, germplasm and plant breeding, along with new technologies in plant phenomics.  Emerging technologies in soil and crop sensing, and farming systems simulation will be linked to industry needs, along with developments in precision agriculture, zone management and digital platforms that are now being widely promoted for industry application. The appointment will complement existing CSIRO skills in soil-plant-animal systems research and drive new collaborative opportunities both within CSIRO and with external collaborators and investors.  The position offers a unique opportunity to develop a national profile and reputation and to become a future leader of R&D in the area of modern, digitally enabled farming systems agronomy.
The CSIRO Integrated Farming Systems Program works in partnership with rural industries, communities, and governments to deliver improvements in agricultural productivity and profitability whilst minimising environmental damage.  The core of the Program’s science lies in better understanding and managing soil-plant-animal interactions that underpin productive, profitable and sustainable farm businesses. Processes that operate within and across a range of scales in cereal cropping and mixed farm systems are considered; from plants to paddocks and integration of whole farm systems for sustainable production and landscape management.  A key challenge is to identify and invest in novel approaches to improve Australia’s mixed farming systems. Using combinations of experimentation, modelling and monitoring of plot- and farm-level experiments we seek to address farm productivity by developing novel approaches and interventions to the sustainable intensification of agriculture.
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