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Just Published in Nature Food: OFE to Transform Global Agriculture

On-Farm Experimentation Community (OFE-C) co-leads, Simon Cook and Nicolas Tremblay are among the authors of a newly released and highly collaborative Nature Food paper on OFE. This timely work acknowledges and celebrates the diversity of approaches and views on farmer-centric OFE internationally. As the visionary Professor Simon Cook put it, “OFE is the result of accumulated changes across several domains that individually may not be spectacular, but collectively realize a change substantial enough to acknowledge and start articulating.” OFE indeed occurs at the intersection of discussions in agricultural sciences that are necessary to move forward, from best research practices that are inclusive and responsible, to digital technologies that renew spatial analysis and the production of local insights. The paper thesis is that OFE can contribute in a very concrete and pragmatic manner to reshaping relationships between all producers of knowledge — (re) building bridges between researchers, farmers, and other stakeholders of food systems. In many instances change will require proactive support and commitment from institutions. Lacoste, M., Cook, S., McNee, M. et al. On-Farm Experimentation to transform global agriculture. Nat Food (2021). https://doi.org/10.1038/s43016-021-00424-4