Conference Survey

Thank you for attending the 2016 Indiana CCA Conference. Your feedback is important to us. Please help improve future conferences by filling out this evaluation. Thank you and we hope to see you again.
Please provide a ranking for the following aspects of the conference from 1 to 5 with 5 being the best.
Overall conference experience this year?
Conference facility (Indy Marriot East)?
Conference location: Indianapolis?
Value vs cost
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What did you like about the conference?
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Please list the top 4 speakers at this conference:
Topics/format to add in the future:
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Suggested speakers for future programs:
How many years of consulting or advising experience do you have?
Please identify the state in which you do the majority of your crop consulting:
Will the information presented at the conference help you provide better crop management advice to your clients?
If the answer to the prior question is "Yes," please give an example or two:
Please estimate the number of crop acres impacted annually by your professional consulting with clients:
If you are a grower or consultant, please estimate the potential dollar value per acre of the information gained from this conference for yourself or your clients:
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