Let's Define Precision Agriculture

Today, several dozen definitions exist to define the term “precision agriculture” (http://www.grap.udl.cat/en/presentation/pa_definitions.html). Some of these definitions are more widely used than others. However, the public perspective on precision agriculture has been changing with time and the original definitions may no longer be representative of this change. Many of the authors of published definitions are members of the International Society of Precision Agriculture (ISPA), and it will be a useful exercise to gather society-wide opinion on the proper definition. Please complete this short survey in an effort to develop a new definition and publish it on the front page of the ISPA webportal. The survey will be closed after 31 May 2018. 

Definition of Precision Agriculture Survey

Definition of Precision Agriculture
Please check the most appropriate terms and/or write alternative suggestions on the lines provided (multiple selections are acceptable in each case).
Precision Agriculture is a
Management strategy
Production system
Set of equipment and services
Contemporary paradigm
Holistic approach
Farming system
that relies on
Information technologies
Information and communication technologies
Digital technologies
Geospatial technologies
Internet of things
Artificial intelligence
Data mining
Extensive data records
Agronomical expertise
Automation technologies
Georeferenced data
Variable rate technologies
Decision support systems
Rational use of inputs
Wide range of technologies
to determine decisions associated with
Crop production
Livestock production
Generic agriculture
with the goal of
increasing profitability
Reducing the environmental footprint
Preserving resources
Increasing production efficiency
Improving ergonomics
Optimizing inputs
Improving sampling strategies
Improving input distribution
Improving logistics
Increasing precision
Increasing efficiency
Increasing productivity
Maintaining sustainability
Improving the social aspects of rural communities
Increasing production quality
Managing spatial and temporal variability
Additional terms referred to Precision Agriculture are:
None (“precision agriculture” is the best term)
Site-specific management
Smart agriculture
Digital agriculture
Precision farming
Satellite farming
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